Perfect Guide to buy a Kitchen Sink

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kitchen sink is  the most important parts of your kitchen . It enables your house to have a healthy environment by allowing you to eliminate all the dirt off the utensils or fruits and vegetables. The first thing you need to decide is wether you want to simply satisfy a utility (Dura Sink)  or have a designer sink to fulfill that task.

It is not easy to buy a kitchen sink, especially when there are so many varieties available in the market today. You need to buy one that suits your need and also compliments your kitchen. It is important that you have a clear idea of what you need and which design to choose from before reaching the shop or ordering online.

There are basically three things that you need to consider while buying kitchen sinks. 

They are: 
• Material
• Configuration 
• Installation type


Kitchen sinks can be made from different types of materials. Choose a material that suits your needs and looks good in your kitchen as well. Go for the basic stainless steel type, if you want an inexpensive and durable kitchen sink. They are easy to clean and  maintain. Different styles of such sinks are available in the market. You can also go for enameled cast iron sinks if you are looking for a very durable option. It offers a very hard surface that can be chipped when heavy objects are dropped on them. You can even go for the kitchen sinks that are made from a mixture of various materials to make them look like granite. They are also durable and stain resistant. These are available in variety of colors and you can choose one that compliments the shade of your kitchen walls. There are other sinks too that are made of various other materials.


This is very important as the configuration matters when it comes to fitting sinks in a kitchen that has already been made. Measure the size of the cabinet opening where you want your sink to be installed and also keep in mind the style of the faucet you have while buying a sink. Also, if you are replacing your old sink and keeping everything same, make sure of buying one of the same size. There are sinks available with one, two and even three bowls options. Choose one that fits your kitchen activities. Bowl depth and bowl orientation are two other things that should be considered while buying a sink. Both these depend on personal needs and preferences and hence, make sure that you choose one that serves your purpose. Also count the number of holes it has you would require to install the faucet or anything else that you might choose.

Installation type:

This depends on the style of your counter top. And if you want a new type of sink to be installed in your kitchen, make sure of changing the counter tops as well. You can go for the drop-in ones that are installed in a hole that has been previously cut in a countertop. There are other options like under mount, tiled-in and various other types.

This was a simple guide to make kitchen sink buying easy and hassle free.


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