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quartz sinks: everything you need to know



31st January 2023

a minimal noise, scratch-resistant, all-rounder sink. a sink that is completely functional

The stainless steel kitchen sink has long been the go-to, preferred option. It certainly is a safe, long-lasting choice but is also slightly overused in kitchens. Stainless steel sinks are sturdy and reliant but if you are looking to add more character to your kitchen, it’s time to look into a fantastic alternative: quartz kitchen sinks, before choosing stainless steel just because “that’s what everyone gets” or if you’re looking for something a little different.

So what is a Quartz sink anyway?

Quartz composite is essentially the same as granite composite in that it is formed of granite blended with resin in an 80% to 20% ratio. Quartz composite is a man-made material. Stone composite sinks are substantially less expensive than natural stone sinks and appear and feel just like natural stone.

Quartz sinks have several perks a few of them being:

  1. It is incredibly resistant to heat up to 535
  2. 2 Its smooth non-porous surface is easy to clean and does not stain easily.
  3. It is naturally sound proof so you do not have to worry about clanking dish noises.
  4. Its non-porous nature does not allow food particles to spread and accumulate.
  5. It goes well with popular countertop choices.
  6. It does not age easily and retains colour and luster for years.
  7. It is not heavy on the pocket.
  8. It is available in several non-fading colours and finishes.

Some cons of the quartz sink:

They come only in matte forms and since they are manmade, they do not give you the multiple pattern variations that you would get from a natural stone sink. Also, if dropped on a quartz sink, your dishes can take a hard hit so ensure you are careful while washing your fine china and glassware.

Selecting a Quartz sink that is perfect for you and going about installing it.

With a variety of options for shape, size, and bowl arrangement (including single-bowl, double-bowl, 1–3/4 bowl, and multi-bowl sinks with low separators), these sinks can be top-mounted or under-mounted.

Quartz composite sinks are offered in almost every sink bowl shape, including the D-bowl, rectangular, square, and round.

Pick a bowl arrangement that satisfies your requirements. If you frequently use large cookware or bakeware, pick a large single-bowl sink instead of a tiny square or round one, which can be used as a prep sink or ornamental bar sink. For people who like to leave dishes to soak or prefer to prepare food over a sink basin without dirty dishes in it, multi-bowl sinks are convenient and practical.

What is an integrated quartz sink?

Some individuals opt for an integrated sink made of the same quartz as their countertops for an even, seamless appearance. There is no need to match a sink to the counter because these sinks offer an exact colour match, and users may maintain the sink in the same way that they maintain the counter.

Another benefit of integrated sinks is that users may sweep any counter trash directly into the sink without getting caught in seams or fractures because the transition from counter to sink is seamless.

However, there is one drawback (apart from the lack of contrast, which is a matter of taste!): integrated sinks are created to order and frequently cost more as a result.

How durable are Quartz sinks?

Most people opt for stainless steel sinks solely because of how durable they are so you might be wondering if quartz sinks offer the same durability to which the answer is yes!

One of the most resilient sink materials is quartz composite! Because it is smooth and nonporous, it is simple to clean, heat-resistant to 535° F, and stain-, scratch-, dent-, and chip-resistant. Along with being odor- and bacteria-resistant, it is also hygienic.

How to care for your quartz sink.

Kitchen sinks made of quartz require less upkeep. It should be cleaned with a mild detergent, and when necessary, a nylon brush and a cleaner should be used for a deep clean. After each usage, rinse the sink and pat it dry. Avoid using strong cleaning products like ammonia, abrasive sponges, or abrasive cleansers.

The final question.

Is the Quartz sink a good option for you? If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing, soundproofed, hygienic, heat-resistant, scratch and odour resistant, seamless kitchen sink, the Quartz sink is the way to go!

Hopefully, this blog has helped clear any doubts regarding quartz sinks, happy shopping!




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