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why double-bowl kitchen sinks?



2nd February 2023

the double-bowl kitchen sink, once split down the middle or constructed asymmetrically, is currently being modernised with a number of unique features that make it more appealing than ever.

Dish drying by air is made simple by built-in drainage boards. Unwieldy cookware can now be filled or rinsed with more ease thanks to a reduced divider. You can pick the double sink that best complements the design of your kitchen thanks to under mount and apron variants. In this blog, we will dive deep into double-bowl kitchen sinks and why it might be the optimal option for you! Let us get started!

First off, the larger bowls volume makes it possible to wash more utensils at once in a more orderly manner, which speeds up the process and improves kitchen productivity. Double bowl sinks make it simpler and better to wash dishes. To make the most of double bowl sinks, careful planning is essential. Your cooking and cleanups will both improve if you get used to utilising the sink.

A keyword here with double bowl sinks is “multitasking”. Double bowl sinks will help you multitask in the kitchen like a champ! multitasking. More than just washing and rinsing dishes can be done with the double bowl kitchen sink. You can easily and effectively complete several common culinary tasks thanks to it. On one side, let the potatoes soak while you fill the pot on the other. Defrost a prepared supper and wash the breakfast dishes at the same time on a busy weekday evening. Don't worry about competing sink jobs if there are two cooks in the kitchen.

What are double-bowl kitchen sinks made of?

You can choose from a variety of materials for double-bowl kitchen sinks to best suit your lifestyle and kitchen design. For instance, metal double-bowl sinks are very popular due to their ability to resist scratches and stains. Metal sinks consisting of stainless steel, copper, and cast iron are strong enough to withstand heavy usage and look fantastic in almost any type of kitchen design. There is a lot of versatility in the material double bowl sinks are made of as the double bowl is mostly related to the design and functionality aspect of the sink.

The quality and design of double sinks made of stone materials like granite and fireclay are both of the highest calibers. They are incredibly strong and, depending on their size, can weigh quite a bit, but their long lifespan more than makes up for it. Some even provide lifelong guarantees! A fireclay sink may give a room a down-home feel while the dark grey tones of granite, carved into an angular form, work well in a contemporary kitchen of dark jewel tones.

What double-bowl kitchen sink style makes sense in your kitchen?

Similar to single-bowl kitchen sinks, you shouldn't be constrained in how you design your kitchen by the style alternatives available for double-bowl sinks. In addition to materials, there are a variety of styles available, so you may select the one that best complements your room. A fireclay sink with fluted sides is a lovely addition to the elegant French country kitchen. Hammered copper calls for an antique environment or should be used as a large statement piece in a posh setting. For a modern room with granite worktops, an undermount stainless steel model with a brushed nickel finish and angular edging is the perfect touch.

Dishwashing in a double bowl sink?

A double bowl sink has bowls that are the same size and are set side by side. Some sinks have a garbage disposal feature. When you're using the sink, put the dishes on the side that doesn't have garbage disposal because some sink designs only have one side with one. Scrape food into the garbage disposal, stack the dishes on the counter, then fill the other bowl with soapy water before washing the dishes. Now that the dishes are soaked in water for washing, you can shift them to the opposite side for rinsing and drying.

Double bowl sinks for food preparation?

When using a double bowl sink for meal preparation, it is customary to rinse food items such as vegetables, fish, and meat in one side of the sink. After you've finished rinsing, clean and disinfect the area to stop meat-related bacteria and germs from spreading around the sink. The reverse side can be used to peel vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, and carrots. The setup avoids mixing meat and vegetables in the sink and helps to maintain a distinct distinction between the areas used for meal preparation. It lessens the likelihood that exposure to bacteria from the meat will contaminate the vegetables.

Non-standard double bowl sinks?

Non-standard double bowl sinks have a large bowl and a tiny bowl, making it a little challenging to wash dishes there. Use the smaller bowl exclusively for rinsing to make washing the dishes easier. The larger bowl can be used for soaking, washing, and storing dishes. If the bowl has adequate depth to ensure safe washing without harming or breaking the delicate utensils, the smaller side is suitable for cleaning smaller things like glasses and tumblers. To ensure safe cleaning, select the bowl based on the size of the utensils.

Use the smaller bowl for washing and rinsing fruits that fit nicely in the little space and peeling vegetables when making food in a non-standard double bowl sink. The larger bowl can handle larger-sized fruits and veggies. In smaller kitchens, you can make better use of the sink space by chopping meat and vegetables on an over-the-sink cutting board that is set up on the smaller bowl.

Final notes:

Whether you choose to have a double bowl sink or a typical single bowl sink, it all relies on your cooking and cleaning habits and how well you use it. Double bowl sinks, which provide greater room and working possibilities, are useful for people who are accustomed to performing multiple chores at once. The first time you use a double bowl sink, you might not feel particularly comfortable utilising it to its full capacity, but you will become used to it.

The primary advantage of a double bowl sink is that it expands the work area and usable kitchen space, which is not achievable with a standard single bowl sink, with the exception of farmhouse sinks to some extent where the apron gives some more space. Kitchens also stay cleaner thanks to the garbage disposal feature of double bowl sinks.




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